Sakura House

Japanese Restaurant

​we open 6 day a week (Tuesday -Sunday )


Monday Closed

 Friendly Service,High Quality Food,Affordable Prices.


    special  for sakura house

1.mochi ice cream  4.95

​(green tea or red bean )

​2.Rock shrimp App  8.95

(12pcs fried shrimp  w.sauce on the side )

Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus COVID-19,our restaurant will be doing phone order only . in provide your phone number and the phone number of the person who will pick up the order the order by phone with charge card or can pay cash with no contact .

 3.when the person who pick up the order arrive to the restaurant  front parking or back parking  make a call to restaurant  let me know you are outside then just wait in the car  

 4 .I will package the order as soon as possible  ,then I will bring out the order to outside table and call the person who pick up the order come out from the car to get the order from table with no contact with anybody               

              keep all customers  not contact in restaurant  with so many people inside 

​             keep all safe and healthy .     ​we apologize for any of inconvenience we may have caused