Sakura House

Japanese Restaurant

​we open 6 day a week (Tuesday -Sunday )


Monday Closed

 Friendly Service,High Quality Food,Affordable Prices.


Ask about delivery on winter

    special  for sakura house

​1.sully roll                12.95​(tempuracrabmeat ,cucumber,     avocado inside w.yellowtail on top eel sauce scallion ) 

2.crispy sushi rice    9.95

(4pcs deep fried sushi rice toped with choice spicy tuna/spicy salmon or spicy yellowtail  )

​3.yaki(stir fried ) udon noodle or soba noodle 9.95/10.95

​(choice veg.chicken or shrimp)

​4.fried rice 8.95/9.95

​(choice veg,chicken or shrimp)

5.mochi ice cream  4.95

​(green tea or red bean )

6.miso seafood udon noodle soup 11.95

​ (kani , jumbo shrimp,veg,miso broth)

   special for dinner bento box

​(served w miso soup ,green salad

3pcs shrimp shumai,2pcs veg spring roll

8pcs california roll and white rice)

1.chicken teriyaki bento box  16.95

​2.shrimp teriyaki bento box     17.95 

3.salmon teriyaki bento box     19.95  

​4.beef teriyaki  bento box          19.95